As Office Manager at our Oslo office, I take care of all the practical details of keeping the studio running at its best.

Educated as a graphic designer and a fine artist, I have long appreciated service design as a way to make a difference. Since I joined livework in March 2008 I’ve helped managing the Oslo office.

Over the years, I’ve developed a keen eye for services that should be improved. Whenever I come across potential for progress I sound the alarm to our designers, pushing them forwards into creating better user experience.

I keep everything straight, and a tidy ship, so to speak. With a versatile background both as an artist, farmer and office manager I’m a go-to guy on everything from fixing computers and paperwork to organising great parties!

As part of livework I’m helping our teams fight bad service and improve what is important to all of us. It also allows me to live and work from our forest farm outside of Oslo with my wife, daughter, dog, horse, tractor and snow-plow.

“I’m proud to be part of the fight against bad service. We all deserve more than that."