I am the Livework potato. In Norwegian this means I work well with and can be used for all sorts of dishes. In terms of design, this means I can contribute to a range of project types and at most stages of service development.

I have a Masters degree in industrial design, specializing in service design. Before joining Livework in 2010, I worked on a research project, AT-ONE. I helped develop a service design methodology aimed at maximising the innovation potential in a product or service at an early stage.

During my studies I spent one year in Paris, where I worked with RATP, the public transport authority in Paris and its surroundings. Before that I went to art school, where I got the taste for visualizing, exploring concepts, and storytelling.

I have worked with clients such as The Oslo University Hospital, Transport for London, and Laerdal Medical. I have a particular focus on maximizing the innovation potential in services at an early stage. I am an experienced workshop facilitator and have conducted pilots for clients such as Ruter, Gjensidige, and the airport express train in Oslo.

I am an ‘action’ person, who helps clients turn the invisible into visible and tangible outcomes. I enjoy the explorative part of any project, creating new solutions based on real user insights. To put it another way, I like to get my hands dirty and get out and meet real people. I believe I bring inspiration and fun into projects. My goal is to engage and empower the people I work with, and maybe even take projects along a new or unexpected course.

At Livework I get to expose myself to challenging situations that enrich my knowledge and my way of thinking. I find my colleagues inspiring, and they are people with clear values and standpoints.


“Challenging what is ‘set in stone’ by using common sense. "