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Accelerating the CX mindset within a large pharmaceutical

Livework supported a large pharmaceutical to further accelerate their CX mindset and capabilities.

Fostering & leveraging the CX mindset across the organisation

For this pharmaceutical company, “customer”* obsession is a priority and their aim is to establish it as part of their DNA.

To that goal, the key challenges were to:

  • Ensure consistency and alignment on what the experience should look like, across all layers and business lines.
  • Keep track of their CX performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

*In this case, the “customer” refers both to healthcare practitioners as well as people living with a health condition.

Defining what good looks like and how to measure it

We created a unified view of the experience the company wants to deliver, using four CX Guiding Principles as a basis. In order to disseminate these principles within the company, we set up and facilitated workshops across the different teams which helped identify clear examples of how to embed and cultivate them in their business as usual.

Additionally, we created a metrics framework to measure the performance of the services provided against, among others, these four principles.

With this visual overview, the metrics framework can empower decision-makers to measure, understand, and make informed choices about potential improvement initiatives, ultimately enhancing the overall experience.

A shared CX understanding

The CX Guiding Principles workshops helped the teams to:

  1. Understand what the CX principles are, why they are necessary, and how they can be used.
  2. Empower employees to make decisions based on these principles and align their behaviors accordingly.
  3. Ultimately, deliver a more consistent experience.


Together with the CX metrics framework, the company will be able to measure how they are performing against these principles across the different points of contact with healthcare practitioners and people living with a health condition.

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