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Experiential shift: helping luxury brands evolve

The world of luxury is undergoing a transformation. There’s a growing desire for the experience of a relationship with a luxury brand rather than merely owning products. It’s an expectation that every interaction, whether via tech or in person, at every stage of the journey, from window-shopping to after-sales, should embody the values of the brand.

Luxury items are accessible anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button - the exclusivity of the upscale storefront with a doorman is no longer a barrier.

Mini Story

Multi-, cross-, omni channel

Multi-channel strategies focus on engaging customers across multiple touchpoints. Often, each channel has its own strategy and is managed separately. Cross-channel strategies, however, allow customers to navigate various channels to complete a transaction. Omni-channel strategies further improve customer satisfaction and build brands by offering a consistent and integrated experience for their customers across channels, sales platforms and media.

Luxury customers are people too: We use customer journeys to help clients understand their customers' experience.
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