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I arrived at livework eager to learn and to enhance the expansion of the company towards Latin America, using my knowledge, skills and experience, being my principal focus Colombia.Using my knowledge, skills, and experience. The main strategy is to make ourselves known and make organizations and their leaders aware of the contribution and help that Service Design can provide for different areas, as well as for their growth. I firmly believe that people-centeredness, empathy, and sustainability are fundamental in today’s world.

Eliana Melo Business Developer

Eli is a professional in industrial design with 17 years of experience in design, production, management, and sales. Also, she holds a  Master in design and management for marketing, and she has studied sales and communication.. Throughout her career, she has worked on acquiring and consolidating clients from various industries, maintaining long-term business relationships.Currently she is focused on supporting livework’s expansion in Latino America and specially in Colombia. She is constantly learning how to help people, organisations and the planet in better ways.

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