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I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years, from children’s to adult services to those with learning challenges and mental health.I bring an academic background from studying experimental  psychology, systemic family therapy and business and design strategy from my MBA.

I have led a number of transformation projects, and implemented digital services, across a number of Healthcare organisations.. The service design tools have been invaluable through the development of  persona’s, journey maps and blueprints  service specifications and roadmaps. Co-designing insights with stakeholders to ensure impactful change.

I am inspired by the capacity of human nature to be kind and to be thoughtful and to sometimes put the needs of others before themselves. I have seen this repeatedly in healthcare and I carry this with me wherever I go.

Lindy Young Service Designer

As a Service Designer at Livework, I enjoy the co-creation and collaboration with clients to deliver services that are human centred, delivering positive outcomes for employees, users of the service and the business.

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