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Together we will help you…

  • Get production ready: Synchronised and efficient workflows; to document, maintain and optimise journeys at scale across your whole company.
  • Real-time source of (CX) truth; by overlaying key information like customer insights, opportunities, solutions and (performance) metrics.
  • Embed journey management at the heart of organisational change – from senior level budgeting to operational implementation.

Assess & Plan

We will start by creating a holistic view that anchors all your journeys in a shared model we call a Journey Framework. We compile and create an inventory of all the journeys that make up your ecosystem.

We will provide you with a objective review of where you stand today with Journey Management. Including recommended next steps that have proven to work for other organisations, similar to where you are today.

We will provide you with a roadmap and business case that you can bring to your leadership to start (or continue) the conversation and secure buy-in.

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Configure & Deploy

We translate your Journey Framework into a logical hierarchy in TheyDo – from high-level lifecycle to micro journeys, and everything in between. We have done this before, know the common pitfalls, and therefore, can give you a head start.

We help you design and roll-out a shared taxonomy and reusable templates so that all your journeys present phases, insights, metrics, etc. in a similar way.

With rapid prototypes and pilots in (small) selected teams we help you test Journey Management in practice. By running a project fully customer journey-led, we provide a stable foundation to scale things up.

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Embed & Scale

A governance model for journey management will bring clarity on who owns, maintains, updates and has access to journeys.

Together we design, prototype and embed Journey Management practices in your organisation and unlock the full potential out of the platform. Using data to spot pain points and opportunities​, prioritising where to improve and how and aligning teams from start to implementation.

During the scaling, we help you overcome and resistance to change. We facilitate the adoption of new ways of working, help to make results visible and socialise it across the organisation. This way, you keep your teams motivated and stakeholders engaged.

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TheyDo Training

We create and deliver bespoke trainings (in person and online) to meet the needs of your business and various audiences.

From foundation trainings on your configuration of the Journey Framework in TheyDo, to advanced classes on journey management.

We use journey management best practices and case studies from leading organisations throughout our trainings.

Building expertise takes time, therefore we also offer 1-2-1 coaching support to translate your learnings into actions on specific projects or topics.

Learn how a global business with multiple brands and local operating businesses went from the aspiration for global customer centricity to establishing a Journey Management operation through TheyDo.

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Anne van Lieren Lead Service Designer

I am a lead service designer and a researcher with a strong interest in human behaviour and user research. I work on the crossroads of service design, human behaviour and business to create meaningful customer experiences that deliver value to both the customer and business.

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