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How to act on sustainability: bringing design and innovation together

We have an ‘action gap’ with sustainability. As reported by the Financial Times only one in ten executives feel they have an ‘actionable’ sustainability strategy. This article argues that this can be addressed by taking sustainability out of its silo and into the organisation as a whole. To do this we need to also move from accounting and measuring to innovation and implementation.

These three velocities allow organisations to tap into different energies, timescales and paces of change to be able to navigate the volatile times we live in. 

In this first article out of three, we will focus on the first of these velocities – understand. Why is it needed, what is its value and what are the key activities we propose. We will add some examples from practice and define the role we think design should play.

Results discovered through survey.
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Anna van der Togt Lead Service Designer

As Lead Sustainability for Livework, Anna coordinates across clients and projects to ensure our designers structurally update their mental models, approach and toolset to integrate the ecological perspective. 

As a pragmatic environmentalist, she draws from over 6 years of experience in complex service/system innovation projects and transformation programs at companies like JPMorgan and Adidas. She leverages this background to work as a catalyst 0f change for the better.

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