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In my time at Livework I have worked with multinational companies and exciting start-ups with a focus on service thinking and developing our service design methods and approach. My background is with internet and digital projects having previously worked for a number of large digital agencies.

Having experience of an extremely wide range of clients in very differing sectors with different challenges I have developed an understanding of what works on innovation, design and strategy projects. I know how simple customer insight can help organisations rethink what they do and focus on what matters.

Our working style is collaborative and team based, internally and with clients. I help our team understand how they can work in this way on projects for the best results. I am able to see the big picture and zoom into specific details to connect experience to strategy.

We started Livework because we wanted to have a positive impact on the way people live and work. I am very proud that this ethos of optimism and practical application characterises the attitude of the whole team making Livework days exciting and stimulating.

Ben Reason Founding Partner

I am a founding partner of Livework having set-up the company in 2001. My focus on keeping Livework at the forefront of service design practice and ensuring we continue to create value for our clients.

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