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Whether you call it innovation, improvement or transformation, change will only be truly effective if your customers are your guiding light. Customer value is the thread that unites all your people, processes and parts.

Journey Management is a core part of your transformation strategy. Partnering with TheyDo software, we embed Journey Management as your transformation agent.

Journey mapping and management provides a way to visualise the services that are being delivered to your organisation, in a way that all teams can see how their work impacts the customer’s experience. This serves as a basis to identify opportunities for change, and manage your way through transformation.

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Challenges we address

In our work, we combine customer-centricity with the transformational power of service design to address four common and closely connected challenges:

Kone set the strategic goal to grow their high margin, repeat revenue services business. They would need to differentiate to win and retain customers -but how?

We uncovered the value drivers for four key customer types and defined a service proposition that delivered to their specific needs. We then translated this into a sales approach enabled by new digital tools. Resulting in increased sales, order value and delivery efficiency. 

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Adidas strives for ‘consumer obsession’. To put consumer value at the heart of their digital transformation. They needed to ensure this vision was translated into their transformation roadmap.

Livework supported adidas over six years to guide the translation of strategic priorities into delivery teams – across digital, retail and wholesale. With consumers at the heart. We left them self-sufficient with their own service design team.

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The NHS in Sussex has a digital strategy that aims to improve patient experience and care through key enabling technologies. It is essential that the technologies deliver what patients and staff need.

We have helped Sussex to ensure that these transformations are guided by a deep understanding of needs and value. Taking patient and staff needs and translating them into requirements for systems implementation. From insight to Jira ticket.

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