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How does it all work in practice? We get teams engaged in delivering customer value. We help them design and implement the journeys that will make your strategy reality.

Design for delivery focuses on specific customer journeys – from on-boarding to renewal. Journeys as varied as hospital discharge, paying invoices or starting school. This work guides the design of processes, implementation of systems and informs policy.

Accelerating the adoption of a car sharing service

Launching a new service requires a focus on adoption. Launching a whole new category of service needs it in spades. Livework helped Streetcar become the fastest growing car club in Europe.

We did this by designing the customer experience from awareness and joining to use and issue resolution. We identified the key barriers to adoption and systematically reduced them to enable Streetcar to scale membership.

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Designing a perfect start at E-ON that makes employees want to stay

As one of the larger energy providers in Europe, E.ON is driven by more than 40,000 employees. E.ON approached Livework in an effort to give these employees the best possible experience. The challenge: to redesign the onboarding of new employees and create the perfect start.

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Improving the flow of patients from hospital to home

A pressing NHS priority, locally and nationally, is to make sure that hospital inpatients are able to return to their homes as quickly as possible, when it is medically safe to do so.

How to increase the speed and efficiency of inpatient discharge from hospital to home is complex. One opportunity is to streamline the use and sharing of information between clinical teams.

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I am a founding partner of Livework having set-up the company in 2001. My focus on keeping Livework at the forefront of service design practice and ensuring we continue to create value for our clients.

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