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What does customer value mean for your organisation? We work with you to create a robust, tangible vision that your stakeholders can all align around and start working towards.

We define what it is that customers receive from you – the essence. This will help you grow or achieve the outcomes you exist to create. From a green mortgage to a public health approach to palliative care – we have helped clients identify what they are really aiming for.


Delivering a winning maintenance proposition

Kone set the strategic goal to grow their high margin, repeat revenue services business. They would need to differentiate to win and retain customers -but how?

We uncovered the value drivers for four key customer types and defined a service proposition that delivered to their specific needs. We then translated this into a sales approach enabled by new digital tools. Resulting in  increased sales, order value and delivery efficiency.

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Proactive Customer Care

Amex GBT needed an upgrade to their mid-market service. Digital channels offered new ways to meet customers’ needs that were more self-service, but they had to retain the value of outsourcing travel planning.

We helped Amex GBT identify the key value drivers that enabled them to deliver a higher value service at lower cost – increasing margins by 7%.

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A new connected vehicle service for commercial fleets

New vehicles with pre-installed network connectivity present an opportunity for new services. The question is, what value can this provide for light commercial fleets and their operators?

We informed a new proposition that customers valued. This work led to a new maintenance and uptime service. Ford Liive was launched in 2021 available to 80% of Ford commercial vehicle customers in Europe.

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Ben Reason Founding Partner

I am a founding partner of Livework having set-up the company in 2001. My focus on keeping Livework at the forefront of service design practice and ensuring we continue to create value for our clients.

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