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Amex GBT needed an upgrade to their mid-market service. Digital channels offered new ways to meet customers’ needs that were more self-service, but they had to retain the value of outsourcing travel planning.

We helped Amex GBT identify the key value drivers that enabled them to deliver a higher value service at lower cost – increasing margins by 7%.


As an established player in the business travel market Amex GBT carried some legacy in both service delivery but also in their ways of working. They knew they needed to employ digital channels but were not sure for what end. The need was to better understand customer and traveller needs – and to be creative in how to meet them.


We worked as one with a multidisciplinary team in Amex GBT to engage with customers – businesses and travellers – to understand what they valued most (and what they missed). We identified the times they preferred to self-serve with new tools, because this put them in control. We also identified the time where a travel manager should step in and resolve issues.

For example we saw that delayed and cancelled flights were a big pain point for travellers. To date Amex GBT had not thought there was much they could do as this was outside their control. We showed them how simply by being aware of the delay before the customer and taking control of resolving the issue Amex GBT could do something nobody else was doing – and delight customers.


Expert Care is one of a number of new offerings introduced to the service as a revamped mid-market offer :

  • Rolled out to 15 countries and delivering a rise in profit margin from 3% to 10 %
  • Remains a significant point of differentiation for the service and has yet to be imitated
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