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Improving the customer returns experience to save millions in consumer service costs

Customers care far more about their returns and refund experience than we often seem to think: 96% of customers who have had a positive returns experience would shop with the same retailer again. Compelling research reveals that improving the overall customer’s returns experience has the potential to save substantial consumer service costs related to returns per year.

We used an initiative service blueprint to understand the consumer’s end-to-end returns & refund experience and explore potential improvement initiatives.
Overview and outcomes of rapid design sprint of 1 topic.

Mini Story

Helping a Sportswear giant become customer-obsessed

Adidas has grown from a German family business to one of the world’s most famous brands. In order to stay at the cutting edge of style and sportswear, they’re refining and developing the service they provide. We’ve been helping them on their journey to becoming a customer-centric (or as they would say ‘customer-obsessed’) organisation.

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Anne van Lieren Lead Service Designer

I am a lead service designer and a researcher with a strong interest in human behaviour and user research. I work on the crossroads of service design, human behaviour and business to create meaningful customer experiences that deliver value to both the customer and business.

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