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We are innovating in a world that is volatile and unpredictable. That’s why it’s critical to prepare for multiple future scenarios. By creating innovations that address these multiple futures you ensure you are resilient and can make a positive business impact wherever the market is headed.

How we can help

We’re your service innovation partner. That means we’re right by your side supporting your innovation efforts. From mapping out possible futures, assessing the business opportunity, and setting up experiments to test and scale innovations.

Using proven tools, mindsets, routines, processes, governance, and structures, we can help you set up internal capabilities and practices to successfully embed continuous innovation.

Our approach combines:

Strategic foresight

Exploring signals and imagining future scenarios with the help of proven frameworks.

Systems thinking

Understanding how relationships between actors in a system evolve towards future states.

Service design

Developing and prototyping concepts based on future needs of stakeholders.

Let's talk!
Jelte Timmer Lead Service Designer

As a researcher for Livework Insight, I fuse theory and practice. I combine research about people and organisations with practical experience from design projects.

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