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After doing a degree in Psychology I went on to study Creative Development and New Media and Digital Culture at MA level. The interplay between people and technologies, whether new or old has been one of my fascinations ever since.

To explore the interaction between people and tech I co-founded a medialab, and have written books and essays on digital technologies, people and innovation. I’ve done research on wide range of emerging technologies and how they affect people, organisations, sectors and culture.

My approach is cross-disciplinary. I combine research experience in psychology, market research, policy analysis and trend forecasting. By bridging those to design I create new insights and strategic solutions. I’ve worked with public and private sector organisations to help them understand social and technological developments to shape innovation. At Livework I’m looking to integrate this knowledge with service design to create thought leadership around human and organizational behavior and take service design to the next step.

Jelte Timmer Lead Service Designer

As a researcher for Livework Insight, I fuse theory and practice. I combine research about people and organisations with practical experience from design projects.

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