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Understand the customer experience from the outside-in

Use of new technology and concepts such as Lean has brought manufacturing organisations substantial benefits. However, considering a product from a customer perspective goes beyond features and functions. In products such as cars, heating systems, and system controllers, most new innovations are in the areas of service and customer experience.
The shift is not about bolting services on. Customers go from using the product to consuming the product and service. To get this right, manufacturers need to understand the customer experience of their products from the outside in. End customers’ service expectations create challenges and opportunities in redefining B2B relationships.


Pressure from both consumers and regulation is driving manufacturers to think about how their product can become circular. The linear model of production and the linear relationship with the customer needs to be transformed. Design can help to create these new models of interaction in terms of the service proposition towards customers as well as the ecosystem shift towards circular operations.

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Jelte Timmer Lead Service Designer

As a researcher for Livework Insight, I fuse theory and practice. I combine research about people and organisations with practical experience from design projects.

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