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Building a resilient society

As Covid has illustrated all too well, there’s an undeniable need to build a more resilient society. The fabric of our streets, our daily lives are made of services we depend on to be there, even in crisis. At Livework, we design services that are adaptable, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of all members of society. We have two decades’ experience working to build robust healthcare and social welfare systems, as well as community-based organisations and support groups.
Our services are scalable and sustainable, which ensures that critical services are available for those they are here to serve.

Taking the risk out of innovation

Our work is about de-risking change. Through participatory design, research, prototyping, and testing, we understand what works in the real world. We work with your team to design and implement solutions that meet resident needs, can be delivered with the capabilities of the organisation, and balance scrutiny and budgetary constraints of the public sector. This approach enables change to take root, without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

Let's talk!
Liz LeBlanc Lead Service Designer

I’m a designer raised by engineers, with a love of data and charts, and an obsession with storytelling. I love the way design requires a pendulum swing between tiny details and the holistic, over-arching goals.

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