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I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a place where experimentation is encouraged and the process is as important as the outcome. My Masters of Design is from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, specialising in systems oriented design. My projects there ranged from large strategic innovation processes to reference apps and the work I did there fuelled my love for complexity.

I’ve always been interested in working within a larger context, looking at how design interventions impact complex systems.

For me, working at Livework means I get to be constantly surrounded by inspiring individuals, from co-workers, to clients and users. I’m a designer because I love to learn. It allows me work in new fields all the time. Here, I can do that with truly incredible people.

Liz LeBlanc Lead Service Designer

I’m a designer raised by engineers, with a love of data and charts, and an obsession with storytelling. I love the way design requires a pendulum swing between tiny details and the holistic, over-arching goals.

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