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Becoming and remaining customer centric is no small task. There are many ways to progress towards customer centricity. Based on years of proof in practice, we believe that the best way is by design.

Being a customer centric organisation means:

  • You have a shared understanding of what your customers want to get done, and what they’re actually doing.
  • You can articulate, measure, and track the outcomes you and your customers are trying to achieve.
  • You can prioritise investments based on the biggest impact and value for customers.
  • You govern continuous improvement initiatives that improve the customer experience end to end.

How we can help

A Customer Centricity transformation may sound like a lot of work – because it is. But don’t worry. We’ve been there before. We know what works and how to design and execute a tailored plan that delivers lasting transformation in your organisation. We work with you as one team to navigate stakeholders, overcome barriers and avoid common pitfalls. We connect you with CX practitioners and leaders in other organisations (that are often also our clients) to help you build a network of peer-to-peer support.

Our approach

Our validated and proven approach is built on over 20 years experience, academic rigor, and practical application.

Our model contains six pillars to underpin our work. They cover the obvious, and not-so-obvious capabilities that we’ve seen as essential to long-term success.

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How Customer Centric is your organisation?

We’ve developed, tested and iterated a model that distills the essential building blocks needed to move organisations like yours towards a Customer Centric mindset. Find out how your organisation performs using our Customer Centric assessment tool.

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Customer centric transformation is a journey, not a destination

It is years in the making. Progress is slow and outcomes take time to surface. Yet progress is happening. This report brings you through the ups and downs, patterns of actions, and pivotal moments in the journeys – as we heard from the CX leaders and practitioners engaged in this study.

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Anne van Lieren Lead Service Designer

I am a lead service designer and a researcher with a strong interest in human behaviour and user research. I work on the crossroads of service design, human behaviour and business to create meaningful customer experiences that deliver value to both the customer and business.

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