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Collectively, we must change our ways of acting, thinking and being to address the damage we are doing to our planet. 

This change has to run much deeper than a single sustainability product, service, or claim — it should be essential to everything we do and bring to market.

How we can help

To create a sustainable future, we must rigorously reimagine how we live and work. We do this by design.

Reimagining our offers 

Unlike other innovations, new sustainable solutions don’t automatically fit into the fabric of our value chains, organisations, economy or our lives. 

Sustainable solutions need to inspire, engage and support people to adopt and use them — to change habits or behaviours. 

That also means these offers need to be deeply thought through to reorient teams, processes, infrastructure and material streams. That is where our legacy in service design comes in. Services are the connective tissue between the sustainable offer to the customer and what is needed to deliver it operationally.

Reimagining our organisations

To transition to a sustainable pathway, sustainability has to break out of the ESG team and become a collective priority — Every job needs to be a sustainability job.

Design and innovation has the power to unlock solutions and enable sustainability to permeate mainstream business where more analytical approaches fail.

We approach organisational transformation for sustainability in three modes of action:

Gain a deep shared knowledge of the new reality and the challenges ahead across the entire organisation.

Design and implement high-impact solutions – fast.

Get ready for a volatile world and navigate possible futures innovatively.

The three velocities of a sustainable transformation.

How to act on sustainability by bringing the best that design and innovation have to offer.

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Unlocking circularity

An overview of Livework’s understanding of the challenges transitioning to a circular organisation — to inform discussion on the approach for steps forward.

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Anna van der Togt Lead Service Designer

As Lead Sustainability for Livework, Anna coordinates across clients and projects to ensure our designers structurally update their mental models, approach and toolset to integrate the ecological perspective. 

As a pragmatic environmentalist, she draws from over 6 years of experience in complex service/system innovation projects and transformation programs at companies like JPMorgan and Adidas. She leverages this background to work as a catalyst 0f change for the better.

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