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A sustainability compass for a US logistics giant

Livework was hired to support a world renowned logistics giant with their ambition to become carbon neutral by 2040. Digital acceleration is at the heart of this endeavour. The digital department stepped forward to play a key role in this transformation. Their question was, where to start and where to go? A Sustainability Compass was developed with the digital team to help them assess and direct efforts in pursuit of this mission.


A tool to help orient digital efforts in the sustainability challenge

Becoming carbon neutral by 2040 is a huge challenge for a business of over 200.000 employees that ships goods across the world. What role can a team of highly motivated people from the digital department take to help reach this ambition? From campaigning against waste in the office to educating customers to choose sustainable shipping or making sustainability a standard agenda topic, the directions are multiple. The challenge for this project was to create a tool to enable choosing the best path.


Through a deep dive into the organisational landscape and close collaboration we co-designed the Compass

In close partnership with a dedicated team, Livework started the project with a deep exploration of the sustainability landscape of the company. We built an understanding of where and how efforts around the challenge were deployed. The digital team’s capabilities and assets were mapped through rounds of co-creative sessions across the wider team. A set of principles and sustainability ambitions were created, tailored to the capabilities of the digital department. The design of the tool and overall storytelling was a truly collaborative and cross-disciplinary effort, including marketing, copywriting and design.


A Sustainability Compass with three lenses: envisioning, evaluating and taking action

The Sustainability Compass provides the digital department with the tools to:

  1. Envision the desired future to align the team towards key ambitions
  2. Evaluate what actions bring them closer to that desired future and how everyone can contribute
  3. Take action to impact customers and colleagues behaviour, facilitate the organisational transition and encourage business innovation.


To embrace the rising interest in taking part in the conversation by members outside of the dedicated team, an additional initiative was kickstarted. A regular meet-up to create a community of reflection and action was set-up as a continuous effort to expand reach and promote the mission.

Let's talk!
Anna van der Togt Lead Service Designer

As Lead Sustainability for Livework, Anna coordinates across clients and projects to ensure our designers structurally update their mental models, approach and toolset to integrate the ecological perspective. 

As a pragmatic environmentalist, she draws from over 6 years of experience in complex service/system innovation projects and transformation programs at companies like JPMorgan and Adidas. She leverages this background to work as a catalyst 0f change for the better.

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