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The altitude at which people’s behaviour should be addressed matters for finding the right solution. We distinguish four attitudes – from user, customer, consumer to human.
The Samsung Family Hub™ Multi-door Fridge Freezer helps users to keep a digital inventory of their kitchen cupboards and notifies when food will go off [1].
Pieter Pot is a package-free grocery service. Customers are asked to store their food in glass jars and receive updates on how much plastic has been saved with the Pieter Pot service: “Together we saved 180.000 plastic packages [3]!”
As an alternative for curb-side organic waste collection and larger composting systems, WormKiste provides an easy to use composting system where worms turn organic waste into fertilizer - in a compact stool [4].
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Noortje Küppers Service Designer

As a service designer and researcher, my main aim is to design positive experiences for people. I have a background in design, research and strategy and have a curious and creative mindset.

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