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Mini Client Case

Improving fuel efficiency by changing behaviour of Virgin Atlantics captains

Virgin Atlantics objective is to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emission. After focussing on technological aspects (like fuel- efficiency measures) a closer look was taken into the behaviour of employees – in this case, captains. By monitoring fuel performance and performance targets captains were able to make more informed fuel-related decisions during pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. The interventions appeared to be a very effective method to change behaviours and achieve fuel-, carbon, – and cost savings. Next to that, the captains reported a higher level of job satisfaction.

Too Good To Go adresses the behaviours and needs of both food consumers and business owners with a two-fold proposition [5].
The altitude at which people’s behaviour should be addressed matters for finding the right solution. We distinguish four attitudes - from user, customer, consumer to human.
We distinguish three types of behaviour change challenges: compliance, adoption and activation. These categories are not mutually exclusive, but provide direction to what type of approach to changing behaviour could be effective. In academic literature [6,7,8], you’ll find various other categorisations related to sustainable behaviours. In our experience, these are helpful when it comes to analysing behaviour change but not so much when designing for them. Therefore, we work with this outcome-based categorisation.
Examples to show different types of behavioural changes at the four design altitudes. A useful framework to (re)design a behavioural change towards more sustainable behaviour. Download in PDF
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I am a lead service designer and a researcher with a strong interest in human behaviour and user research. I work on the crossroads of service design, human behaviour and business to create meaningful customer experiences that deliver value to both the customer and business.

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