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Understanding your (future) customer needs

Livework helps Insurance organisations navigate the complexities that come with our volatile and uncertain future. We do this by understanding future customer and other stakeholder needs. We identify with you how they are linked to organisational ambitions to drive growth, achieve net-zero sustainable insurance objectives, innovate business models, and transform digitally. And we help you develop the capabilities to do this yourself. To continuously improve and innovate products, services, and experiences that deliver on growing customer expectations and also meet the needs of the business and its stakeholders.

By design

Livework combines the unique qualities of service design with the transformational power of service logic.Service design is a powerful way to approach complex challenges. Design brings empathy, creativity, collaboration, experimentation, and contextual insight to unlock these challenges.
Service orientation is a way to understand how your organisation relates to customers and the wider market ecosystem. It connects the silos of organisations in a shared view of how you are co-creating value.

Let's talk!
Fred Montijn Lead Service Designer

As a service designer and project lead with 20+ years of experience in creative industries, I contribute a great deal of expertise to client projects and to our team. In our projects I love to bridge the micro – people scale, and the macro – strategy scale of things, zooming in and out to focus on details and the bigger picture.

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