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After my masters degree in Industrial Design I worked at several studios and co-founded the design studio Zilver. In 2006 I founded the tech start-up Sparckl where we incorporated serious gaming, persuasive design and experience design principles to learning. Simultaneously I was pulled towards the domain of service design, and in the following decade consulted for multinationals like Zodiac, Delta Lloyd, Europcar, Ebay and Canon.

I have had the pleasure of teaching service design to students at several institutes in the Netherlands for many years.

I feel very committed to maintaining a focus on the human when we talk about design, strategy, business or change. I truly believe this is where we will find the gold.

To me, Livework is a wonderful platform that gives me the opportunity to have positive impact on the world, with our services touching a huge audience every day.

Fred Montijn Lead Service Designer

As a service designer and project lead with 20+ years of experience in creative industries, I contribute a great deal of expertise to client projects and to our team. In our projects I love to bridge the micro – people scale, and the macro – strategy scale of things, zooming in and out to focus on details and the bigger picture.

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