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Identify customer and business hotspots

To improve customer experience, a helpful starting point is to get rid of “hotspots” – services or business activities that irritate most of your customers. Prioritise hotspots that could have substantial impact on your revenues. If the hotspots are infeasible to be fixed, at least mitigate the irritation for your customers. They appreciate it!

It can be hard to find the right intervention point to address a customer or business hotspot. This requires understanding the experience, expectations and actions of customers. The good news is that often a series of small, well designed interventions can change and even eliminate a negative hotspot.

Mini Story

Identify hotspots and continuously improve your service

Organizations focus too much on where and when the customer service problems occur. They need to adopt a pre-emptive approach to designing and improving processes around customer’s service experience. This would give them huge opportunity to improve services that cover the majority (80%) of the customers. By focusing on where the problems originate, organizations have also a potential to reduce service costs, as problem scenarios would never occur at the first place.

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