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Know your services

by Marzia Aricò and Angela Mancini

Your organisation provides services. No matter what industry you are in. Whether you sell mortgage packages to customers, trainers that need to be shipped to consumers, elevators that need to be installed and maintained, or healthcare to patients. No matter what you sell, you are providing a service to individuals or companies.

This is an illustration of how we structure services at livework. The first layer - Journey Architecture - represents the higher level of abstraction. It’s a summary of all the services you offer as an organisation, written in plain english, from a client perspective. The more you drill down, the more granular the story gets. Adding a view of specific service experiences, how they are connected to business outcomes and what is needed to deliver from an organisational perspective. Finally, the metrics framework gives a snapshot of the outcomes you are going after, indicators that can signal whether you are achieving that outcome or not, and key data points that you can monitor for that purpose.
Mock up of an outcomes and metrics dashboard. It enables a view of what outcomes customers value and how well you are performing against them, connecting that performance to business and operational metrics, such as cost or efficiency. A consistent and transparent way of monitoring service performance, and therefore prioritise tactical and strategic efforts.
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