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Service transformation

Changing relationships with customers through service

While a service design approach offers a roadmap to organisations to create a better experience for their customers and staff, any effective change requires commitment and agility from the entire organisation. Both frontline staff and back-office functions must be aligned all the time. Quick wins may seem inconsequential, but they are actually very effective in creating momentum for bigger changes that have significant impact on customers.

Implementing a new service is more than setting up systems and procedures, and training staff to perform the service.

Mini Story

Business transformation

This simple diagram has guided many strategic decisions within a large insurance firm in Norway. It was created in collaboration with the director of commercial clients to communicate in the transformation of their business to a customercentric organisation. The diagram shows the traditional approach of pushing customers to self-service (left of the pyramid) and the way customers will be introduced and guided towards self-service solutions with the help of expert advisors (right of the pyramid).

Mini Story

Traditional sectors transforming around digital

Digital has forced fundamental transformation of many traditional businesses. For example, in travel and hospitality sector majority of the customers now jump to web and mobile channels first-hand for planning and booking trips. Traditional storefront travel agencies have witnessed declining sales and traffic due to stiff competition from web-only travel pop-ups. This has caused such traditional travel and hospitality firms—including airlines—to effectively re-design their whole organisation to operate as digital-first service providers.

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