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Understanding your customers’ customer In B2B

In B2B markets, businesses must understand their customers’ customers in a B2C context. When a customer experiences an incident, oftentimes the problem is not in the service provider with which the customer directly deals, but in the provider’s suppliers or partners.

The global e-commerce market reached $1.7 trillion in 2015. Consumers are spending a larger portion of their online budget on non-local retailers. There is a growing business opportunity for logistics and international delivery.
Even for businesses that only operate in B2B markets, they must also understand the B2C markets and the entire ecosystem of the industry in which they operate. This requires a thorough understanding of their customers, as well as their third-party service providers, suppliers and customers.
56% of consumers shop for new insurance policy on comparison websites. 85% of those consumers believe they can find cheaper deals there, and almost 70% of them actively switch policies on those websites. These consumers say the biggest frustrations of using those websites are the complexity of selection (even on comparison websites) and the lack of transparency. Consumers believe their service providers are responsible for fixing these issues, but most of the problems are actually in third-party service providers.
B2B interactions are often complex, with which customers are struggling to deal. Therefore, the ability to offer a simple-to-use B2B product or service is a key competitive advantage. Ease of doing business is the top reason why organisations choose suppliers or third-party service providers.
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