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I bring a varied set of skills to Livework. I trained in visual arts at a fine arts high school for six years, where I learned the necessity of conceptual soundness and the power of visualisation. A desire to broaden my areas of expertise led me to then pursue a degree in Environmental Studies.

Whilst studying climate change in Denmark, I stumbled upon a design thinking course that totally thrilled me.  I realised design carries the potential to solve even the most complex problems, and this revelation transformed my approach to my undergraduate thesis.

I found my way to Livework soon after completing my degree, with a desire to learn design practices that produce tangible results and bring real value to people. Now you’ll find me supporting the team on projects and working internally to enhance our knowledge management practice. I’m a firm believer that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

At Livework I feel privileged to learn with some of the most talented, inspiring, hard-working people I know. Here I am able to apply my diverse skills to make a positive impact in the details that, in one way or another, make the world go ‘round.

Audra Reagan Service Designer

A creative thinker and avid adventurer, I am quick to innovate and love to collaborate in the pursuit of problem-solving. I hold the conviction that every challenge has a silver lining.

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