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I completed my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and soon after began working in a large automotive factory in Spain. During this time, I often found myself leading initiatives that would improve the communications and overall productivity levels between the different departments and stakeholders. One master’s degree in Design Engineering and a fruitful exchange semester at TU Delft later, I am a dedicated Service Designer at Livework Studio.

At Livework I am able to integrate my analytical mindset and combine it with my passion for creating meaningful and engaging experiences. I firmly believe that the best way to create value and make an impact is by listening to the humans involved in the day to day services and ensure their needs are at the heart of the design process.

Chelsea Paine Service Designer

I am a service designer by chance, a creative thinker by nature and a connection seeker by choice. I am a strong advocate of using design and empathy to create meaningful experiences and (re)shape services that deliver value.

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