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At Livework I am a service designer and project leader. Before design, I worked in communication, branding and social impact, with a focus on business and public policy. This background, spanning more than 15 years, provides valuable perspectives in my search for solutions through the lens of design. My main roles today are the acceleration of open innovation, design research, leading teams to solve challenges and liaising with clients to reach the best results together. Enthusiastic about the transformative power of design, I see in the approach the potential to transmute experiences, businesses and the impact of brands on the world.

Letícia Cecagno Service Designer

When joining Liverwork, Leticia already had 15 years of experience working in brading, communication and social impact, focusing on business and public policy. This diverse experience brings valuable perspectives in her search for solutions for client challenges through the lens of design. Today, Leticia leads projects focused on digital acceleration, open innovation and design research, solving clients challenges and achieving business goals and results together.

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