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My role at Livework is to lead a Service Design project and expand the operation from Brazil to Latin America, putting at the service of our clients the knowledge acquired through my studies and my own experience, seeking to promote the potential of people and achieving results. optimal for the business of all our clients.

With 13 years of experience in the field of design and communication, Lilo is a Professional in Graphic Design and studies in communication, advertising, creativity, sociology, innovation and Master in Business Administration. She has worked in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and for some Central American countries, for clients from different sectors, which has given her a deep knowledge of the market in the region. She currently works as Design Project Leader at Livework and leads the operation’s expansion to Latin America. She firmly believes in teamwork and that each person, from her/his own area of knowledge and experience, has enough creativity to face any challenge and seek innovative solutions.

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