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My entrepreneurial character comes back in my personal, as well as professional life and has resulted in multiple well-maintained relationships and achievements. During my education in Industrial Design Engineering (MSc) and Industrial Ecology (MSc), I have learned to combine different types of knowledge, ideas and multiple perspectives to come to future proof solutions on different levels in society. Within my job at Livework, I am always searching to stretch the applicability of Service Design, what it can mean for every organisation and how we can help them reach their goals in the best way possible.

Louka Commu Service Designer

As a Service Designer at Livework, I work together with organisations to help improve their proposition, strategy and/or organisational set-up and become more human-centred with the explicit inclusion of the sustainability perspective. I believe in continuous development and improvement for organisations as well as for me personally, trying to be the bridge between the scientific and practical world.

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