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IoT is about services and experiences

Internet of Things (IoT) is more than a hype. IoT connects “things” such as wearable and biometric devices and intelligent spaces to our internet infrastructure and enables seamless interactions and transactions. Tomorrow’s customers will consume services powered by connected “things”, but which services will they pay for and how do you develop and scale these to a commercial level?

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The internet of Business

There are several new business opportunities around connected devices and data. Consumers already have access to services that are based on connected devices and open data, but the real innovations will come in the form of completely new service concepts. There are many business opportunities to orchestrate and organise the technology in such a way that businesses and consumers will be able to experience frictionless and seamless services.

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The expectation of frictionless service

What is considered good service will be seen as average as customers’ expectations continue to rise. Customers can consider working services to be ‘broken’ as they are not well integrated or connected to other services that together make up the service experience. In most sectors there are companies who offer connected and frictionless services on the back of other service providers, who face the danger of not having a direct customer relationship.

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