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Digital relationships

Digital customer relationships require digital maturity. Being “digital” is not just about marketing initiatives, one-off social media campaign or big data project. It is about using technology to develop a more interactive and relevant customer experience, and a more responsive and internally-aligned organisation for the long haul. Therefore, for any digital strategy to be successful, it has to be deeply embedded in the organisation’s overarching strategy and across departments.

Mini Story

Digital customers – business – organisation

The first of three pillars of digital maturity is empowering customers with digital tools and services that enhance their experience. Customers are more in control of when, how and where they use the services. The second pillar is for a digital business to have a limited physical presence and to work with customers and suppliers in digital manner. Thirdly, a digital organisation digitises processes and invests heavily in systems that improve cycle times, reduce cost and improve quality.

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