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Customer behaviour

User – customer – human!

Customers who pay are different from users who directly experience your products or services. The two groups have different motivations, needs, expectations and pain points. Therefore, in order to serve them well, you need strategies that emphasise either the customer or user perspective, depending on the product nature and the phase in the customer lifecycle. Mastering this helps you grow your customer base.

Mini Story

Traditional sectors transforming around digital

Digital has forced fundamental transformation of many traditional businesses. For example, in travel and hospitality sector majority of the customers now jump to web and mobile channels first-hand for planning and booking trips. Traditional storefront travel agencies have witnessed declining sales and traffic due to stiff competition from web-only travel pop-ups. This has caused such traditional travel and hospitality firms—including airlines—to effectively re-design their whole organisation to operate as digital-first service providers

Mini Story

Wow’ moments vs. ‘wow’ experiences

Building ‘wow’ moments in certain interactions does not automatically result in a ’wow’ experience for customers. Offering consistently good services throughout the customer engagement is what matters. ‘Wow’ moments can be destructive if they set the bar too high for future interactions. Therefore, it is crucial to deliver good services consistently so that the customers will experience ‘wow’ services.

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