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Customer lifecycles

Customer lifecycle mapping tells organisations how customers experience their services. Such an external view of the organisation’s services offers useful information to improve services, identify hotspots and align fragmented departments. The results are likely to be better customer and staff experience, higher customer loyalty and more sales.

Using the Livework hospitality lifecycle enables hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and restaurants to see what the entire travel experience consists of. This understanding enabled a Nordic tourist organisation to organise its members around their visitors’ experience and exploit new opportunities.

Mini Story

Customers get lost in organisations silos

Staff working in siloed organisations have a limited view of what the end-customers actually think and feel like. Basic customer needs such as clear information, or simple instructions become complex when designed from the inside. Clarifying needs and expectations of the customer — having back stage staff directly or indirectly engage with actual customers — will not only create a higher customer understanding, but will also improve employee engagement and accountability.

Finding the cause of service breakdowns is only the first step. It requires multiple departments and stakeholders to go beyond ‘fixing’ the problem towards preventing the problem.
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