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Behavioural interventions in service design

We use behavioural science to understand customer behaviour and intervene at key moments to guide people towards desired outcomes. By implementing behavioural interventions at discrete moments we can have a profound impact on business outcomes.

People have two mindsets in which they can make a decisions to act – a instinctive subconscious and a reflective conscious mindset.
We can influence customer behaviour at the unconscious (nudging) and conscious (rational override) level.
Our 5 step approach to developing behavioural interventions.

Mini Story

Increase honesty during a claims process by making people more conscious

Around 10-20% of the customers that fill out a digital insurance claim aren’t entirely honest. As there is no human interaction involved, it is easy for people to cheat a little bit and not damage their own positive self-image.

Livework significantly reduced fraud in the insurance claims process by inserting reinforcing combinations of nudge and rational override interventions. By letting customers (1) commit to an honesty agreement before the claim, (2) highlighting social norms during the claim and (3) providing an ‘escape hatch’ after the claim we improved the overall customer experience and reduced dishonest behaviour.

Mini Story

Reducing customer complaints during a digital transformation

A national railway organisation struggled to understand why so many travellers submit unsubstantiated complaints after receiving a penalty fare. We combined behavioural insight with qualitative and quantitative customer data to understand why this undesired behaviour arose during the implementation of a new digital ticketing system.


Various nudging and rational override interventions (in both physical, digital and interactive forms) were implemented at crucial touchpoints in the journey that improved customer satisfaction and reduced unsubstantiated complaints.

Mini Story

Personalized interventions to streamline a digital purchase journey

Determining how much car insurance you need can be tricky. People need to ensure they have adequate coverage for the car and themselves – but stay within their budget. Livework helped an insurance company by inserting personalised behavioural interventions in the new digital purchase journey.

Interventions were created to offer a streamlined experience to reduce customers that switch to other (offline) channels, increase completion times and improve people’s decision making. In one of the interventions, potential customers were presented with a picture of their car (same model, colour and year) as soon as they typed in the license plate. The picture helps to increase the feeling of ownership and perceived value of the car – resulting in customers selecting better fitting insurance plans.

Anne van Lieren Lead Service Designer

I am a lead service designer and a researcher with a strong interest in human behaviour and user research. I work on the crossroads of service design, human behaviour and business to create meaningful customer experiences that deliver value to both the customer and business.

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