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Customer experience architecture: why customer journeys aren’t enough

The ways we visualise and understand our organisations leave us with slices of insight that don’t align with each other. We have hundreds of views of what we do and how we do it. There are org charts and RACI’s, technical architectures, enterprise architectures, product lists, feature lists, customer segmentation and marketing rollout plans. But so few of those individual artefacts show how one connects to another to actually deliver value to your customers.

Service Architecture example overview.
Google Maps example with Manhattan grid overview.
An early example of the Service Architecture we created for UK Parliament, with sub-journeys colour coded by the team leading that work. Further research revealed there were 20 roles across 10 teams for the Employee Onboarding service alone.
Service Architectures can vary greatly in their complexity to reflect the organisations they describe. Here is one for a manufacturer, and one for a fintech company.
Liz LeBlanc Lead Service Designer

I’m a designer raised by engineers, with a love of data and charts, and an obsession with storytelling. I love the way design requires a pendulum swing between tiny details and the holistic, over-arching goals.

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