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Design the business for customers and organisation

Businesses are not designed but evolve over time based on needs and internal and external drivers. The lack of “design” becomes evident when business innovations need to be anchored in an organisation or outside perspectives – like customer experience – need to be understood and integrated into a business. There is a strong tendency to default to reorganise departments or redesign processes and systems, instead of developing abilities to better attract and support customers.

Finding the cause of service breakdowns is only the first step. It requires multiple departments and stakeholders to go beyond ‘fixing’ the problem towards preventing the problem.

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Services enrich the product experience

Organisations that focus too much on creating products fail to realise that successfully selling products requires a service element. This restricts their scope of revenue opportunities through just services only.  In a traditional industrial mind-set, services are seen as a cost. However, times have changed. Designing relevant services as part of a whole proposition can create a valuable experience around the product and make it more attractive – which will increase sales opportunities.

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Perfect start

Providing new customers with things that they like to have and you know they need changes the dynamics of the relationship. Informing customers, or assisting in the setup can be done without adding costs or complexity by focussing on the basics of what all customers need. A perfect start provides a platform to engage customers when this is relevant to them, prevents irritations, and saves businesses money fixing issues later.

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