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How EPR systems can meet the needs of their users

Guide the adoption of a user-centered design approach across GP, Community, and Acute services. This will ensure that the design of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system is informed by the needs of healthcare staff and patients. Enabling healthcare staff to view and share relevant clinical information across health and care data systems. To support coordinated patient care, reduce delays and increase employee satisfaction.

EPRs can be quite complex to navigate, making it hard to find the right healthcare data if it isn't connected to the system.
The value proposition canvas enabled the SCFT to write a business case to drive change in how Trusts commission their EPR.
Alvaro Curto Service Designer

I am a creative adventurer. Designing products, services, and systems that find new ways to explore the human experience is what I love. Being able to convey these by transforming them into elegant visuals or intuitive prototypes is where I thrive.

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