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Designing in the real world

Design is often understood as an activity that comes before realisation – it is seen as a paper exercise. At Livework, we believe it is better to design in the real world. Designing in the real world enables teams to put their ideas into the hands of their customers early and learn from feedback. You can test assumptions by using prototypes that simulate critical aspects of a service. This enables you to move forward at low cost and reduce the risk of imperfect data or insight. In this way, you will both develop better solutions and run much less risk of heavily investing in the wrong direction.

Typical critical assumptions across a service lifecycle.
Tracking and measuring progress and confidence against critical assumptions.
How this works in reality.
A snapshot of Google Analytics from our farrier app experiment.
Ben Reason Founding Partner

I am a founding partner of Livework having set-up the company in 2001. My focus on keeping Livework at the forefront of service design practice and ensuring we continue to create value for our clients.

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