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The seamless digital experience

Consumers in the developed world are increasingly digitally connected. In Europe, one in every two citizens owns a smartphone. To consumers, digitalisation equals solutions that are fast, tailored to their specific needs, and integrated into their daily lives. Unfortunately, their expectations are often ahead of what is being offered, resulting in disappointment and irritations that are preventable.

One in every two customers finds communication with their service provider irritating, because it is not relevant to their needs. For example, an 18-year-old girl who opens her first bank account expects the bank to offer a student loan solution, not mortgage information.
An average consumer spends between 3 and 5 hours per day on his or her smartphone. Data vary with age group and income level.
Almost one in every two customers tend to trust their banks with their personal data, while only a quarter trust their mobile network providers. Social media and e-commerce platforms are the least trusted among service providers.
As products become more integrated with one another, customers are looking for one provider to ensure a good functioning of all other related services. For example, mobile service providers are expected to provide not only simple connectivity, but also access to content, storage of sensitive data and uptime of third-party applications.
Consumers who embrace digital solutions expect organisations to use digital means effectively to simplify their lives.
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